Companies in Freezone

What is a Free Zone?

Another name of the Free Zone is trade zones. Actually, the purpose of Free Zones is to boost international business. Companies in Freezone will get a secure and quality business environment. Companies in Freezone have some specific rights and regulations.

Freezone Company Setup Dubai

Setting up a business in the Dubai-free zone is not a simple process. If you are a beginner in this market, the best idea is to look for professional guidance and advice on the different incorporation and registration requirements. We offer excellent consultation and assistance in setting up a business in the Dubai free zone. With us, you will get an accurate guide for all documentation and paperwork processes so that you can focus more on your business development.

Two types of Free-Zone entities one is the free-zone establishment (FZE) and another one is the free-zone company (FZC). The main difference between establishment and company is establishment needed single shareholders and a company is needed two more shareholders.

Benefits of Companies in Freezone

Documents for Registering a Dubai Free Zone Company

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