Setting up a company in UAE

We as Levant-CSP experts in the UAE market dedicated to helping entrepreneurs start and expand their businesses. We offer highly professional company formation, PRO services, and administration services in UAE. We are really happy to guide you in setting up a company in Dubai, Product registration in Dubai.

1. Company Formation / Company Incorporation

If you are looking to start your own business or expand your service into the UAE market, then this is the option for you. We know the difficulties of facing in setting up a company in Dubai, company formation, and all. We will help you make all the processes simple and fast. At Levant CSP, we will help you understand the rules and guidelines set by the authorities. Moreover, at Levant CSP we will help you keep track of the change in regulation that might affect the business. The service includes setting the legal form needed to establish:

2. Document Clearing & Attestation Services

3. Product Registration

Product Registration means, with respect to a Product in a particular country or territory, the registration or regulatory approval granted by the applicable governmental authority in such country or territory allowing for such Product to be marketed, distributed, sold or imported there. Here in UAE there is many authorities require you to register either its imported or locally manufactured depends on the type of your products:

We do register in:

Services we provide

PRO Services

Get exclusive rights to a name, symbol, or slogan that distinguishes your business..

Legal Forms

Keep others from using and profiting from your book, article, song, photo, art, etc.


Prevent others from making, using, or selling your invention without your permission.


Design is a silent ambassador of your brand. Protecting the visual features like shape, design, etc.


Find all of the correct licenses and permits for your industry and location.
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